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Intermediate League Baseball


Intermediate League baseball offers a transition, for players ages 12 and 13, between the standard Little League sized field and the largerJunior League sized field. The Intermediate League utilises a diamond with 50' pitching distance and 70' base paths.

Players of eligible age have the opportunity to play Little League or Junior League as well as Intermediate League during the season although they must be registered to play both. Achieving tournament eligibility is possible in either division (as long as the player has met all eligibility requirements), but the player may only participate in one of the two tournament divisions.

Differences in field size




Little League

46 feet

60 feet

Intermediate League

50 feet

70 feet

Junior League

60ft 6in

90 feet

Not just expanded field size

Intermediate League baseball is as much about expanded rules as it is about expanded filed dimensions, allowing for a faster and more dynamic game, bringing it closer to the game played by seniors.

The expanded rules include:

  • Lead offs and pick offs are allowed

  • When a balk is called all base runners advance

  • Pitchers are allowed to throw a greater number of pitches

  • A standard game is 7 innings

  • Double headers are permitted

  • The on deck position is utilised

  • Once a pitcher is removed from the mound, as long as the pitcher remains in the game at a different position, the pitcher may return to the mound later in the game.

Further Pathways

Swan Hills Aces Intermediate League Charter Team - All players are encouraged to try out for the Intermediate League Charter Team which sees players from Victoria Park Belmont combine with players from Swan Districts Baseball Club and Eastern Hills Baseball Club. This is a further elevated level of competition and tryouts are held each year - the club will notify all players and parents of the dates.

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